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About Julia

Julia Ziegler really began her quilting journey in 1989 – going kicking and screaming to her first quilting class. She was only taking it because her friend begged her to. For months, every time Julia went to the quilt shop with her friend, the owner/instructor also harassed her to take the class and removed any obstacle to taking the class – even offering her a sewing machine to use. (Because Julia refused to own a sewing machine!)

Julia opened Room To Learn in 2000, teaching out of her home to friends and neighbors. That same year, she became involved in the first quilt show in Kuna and began Idaho PieceMakerS in 2001. In 2006, Room to Learn joined Knit One Quilt, Too in an unusual partnership to offer a quilt shop and a classroom in Kuna – together, yet separate. She began quilting retreats at the Monastery in Jerome in 2007.

Today, things have come full circle, she has a quilting classroom facility built onto her home, offering all kinds of classes from beginner quilting to art quilts, to fabric dyeing to Thread University. There are open sew sessions (Time to Quilt) on Mondays 10-4 and Fridays 6-midnight. Julia is also hosting 7 retreats at the Monastery in Jerome and 3 retreats at the Nazareth Center in Boise this year.

Julia’s Strengths
I’m told I’m patient. I believe that quilting is a process and not a fast or easy process. But there are ways to make it faster and easier. I like to teach beginners to get them off to a good start – learning to press, not iron! I like to teach techniques – not necessarily patterns. There are no rules to quilting, just guidelines and design opportunities.

I love traditional piecing, but the art quilts offer a change of pace. Traditional piecing keeps me grounded in quilting. I still take classes. I love the challenges of the retreats and open sew sessions. I never know what I will be asked to help with! The students keep me motivated and inspired.

Favorite color – yellow
Least favorite color – orange

Background: Julia grew up near Nashville, Tennessee. She has lived in Texas, California and for the last 18 years, resided in Kuna, Idaho with husband, Joe Ziegler. Between them, Joe has 2 sons, Dwight and Dwayne and Julia has one daughter, Amy. Amy was legally adopted by Joe when she turned 29!


  • Mon - Fri: 8a-10p
  • Sat: 8a-9p
  • *Closed Sunday
  • Holiday Day
    Hours May Vary.

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