A couple of years ago, it became apparent to me that as families lose their quilter, they have no clue what to do “with all that stuff,”much less know the value.  It also applies to those who are downsizing and want to see items moved forward.

The Shop Next Door has opened.  It is always open during classtime or you can call and arrange to come out.  The fabrics are sorted by yardage and color and are priced at $5 per yard.  There are patterns, books and notions.  There is an area for embroidery. Cross stitch and knitting supplies.   There are lots of kits and block kits.  All are reasonably priced.  Occasionally, there are machines.  Lots of hand quilting frames.

If you are interested in putting items in the shop, you can fill out an inventory sheet.  You can set prices, or leave that to me.  Proceeds are paid once a month. 

There is a 10% commission withheld.  You should call and set a time to bring in items.